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Want to feel as if you know me?


I am a lover of life, a doer of things, a reader of books, a climber of trees and a graphic designer. I live in beautiful San Luis Obispo.  I enjoy art, writing, info-nuggets, stargazing, liquids, playdough, poking the meat at the supermarket, art, writing, chewing gum, reading, climbing trees, collages, libraries, pterodactyls, the swap meet, wine tasting, Doo Wop, color schemes, other schemes, reading and writing poetry, oxymorons, photographs, scarves, building and binding books, listening to music, ideas, jello, the ocean and any other substantial body of water, tumbleweed, trivia, growing gardens, adventures, learning, pizza, reading, rolley chairs, and ending sentences with prepositions at.

I also enjoy the following types of people, among others: Hard workers who find everything funny, down-to-earth idealists who place no emotional value on having expensive possessions, nerds who are cocky in mysterious ways, humble perfectionists who obsess over the integrity of every little thing they do and then mock themselves for being so conscientious, couples who hold hands and jump into big puddles with their nice clothes on, and sympathetic listeners who will kindly kick your ass if you need it. (Thanks, Rob Brenzny!)

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